Teleda Orgo - თელედა ორგო

In Dakishvili Family, wine knowledge was collected by several generations. Teleda Orgo is one of the two family wineries of Gogi Dakishvili.

The name "Teleda" was chosen for the cellar as it's the ancient name for Televi, a region where the wine comes from, and "Orgo" for the wines as it's the name of the old flat stone closures for the Qvevri. 


The philosophy of the vineyard is simple: "we produce healthy wines with the minimum amount of sulfur. We care about nature and do our best to be environmentally friendly. We don't use any prohibited pesticides and only spray materials that are allowed by OIV. For pruning, we use the European method of the Guio system,-" says Gogi Dakishvili.

Marani, Geogrian wine celler

The vineyards are located in neighboring villages Kondoli and Kurdgelauri (15 km from Teleda Orgo) and consist of primarily old grapes, where the youngest is 50 years old.

Subsoil is a caulk formed 25 million years ago when the Caucasus mountain range was located at sea. The upper parts of the soil have an alluvial character. Mountainous rivers brought clay, sand, and limestone. That combination of sand and limestone creates good drainage for vineyards. It means that water goes slowly to the roots and feeds whole plants during heavy rain.