Iberieli Discovery Box
Iberieli Discovery Box

Iberieli Discovery Box

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If each of your wine varietals had a personality, how would you describe them? 

Iberieli Golden Blend 2019:  Easygoing, friendly, deep thinker, and intelligent.

Iberieli Chkhaveri (Bukistsikhe) 2019Intricate, but very reliable. 

Iberieli Mtsvane for Mariam 2019: Thinker, long-sighted, good friend, well-educated

Iberieli Saperavi Ioane 2019: Effortless, friendly, and polity. 

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About winemaker

Zurab, originally from the Samegrelo region, deeply fell in love with his now-wife, Tamar, who came from Guria. So when they got married, the story of their winemaking became deeply rooted in their current village of Sakvavistke with strong bonds of family. 

Zurab's children chose the name Iberieli for the wine brand. It refers to the ancient people in the Caucasus who are believed to be the pioneers of Qvevri winemaking.

Zurab's first commercial vintage was in 2010. Currently, the Topuridze Family Winery owns c 7.5 ha of vineyards in the Guria Region of West Georgia and 5.5 ha in the Kakheti Region of East Georgia. Among others, they are well-known for making heavy use of the Chkhaveri grape.