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Comparing Georgia’s Top Wine Regions to Europe

When we talk about Georgian wine, diversity is the word that immediately comes to mind. This small country has an incredible range of wine styles thanks to its diverse natural landscapes and climatic conditions. Here, there is a perfect balance of everything from sub-tropical to continental climates, seaside to semi-desert landscapes, and vineyards planted at the foothills of Caucasus Mountains or on the hills of the Racha region.

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Rtveli: All About Georgia's Traditional Harvest

The Georgian harvest is probably the noisiest and the busiest time for the cellar; when winemakers pray for sunny weather, each workday starts at 6:30 AM, team members become superheroes, and you witness the birth of the new vintage. What could be more exciting than the harvest joy? Follow us to learn more about the Georgian harvest, which we call Rtveli (რთველი).  The Rtveli process starts much earlier in the season than grape picking, and pre-harvest preparations play a crucial role in determining the wine quality. To begin the process, all the Qvevries, the clay pots where fermentation takes place, are cleaned several times with pure water; chemicals are strictly avoided, as they cling to the clay pores and spoil...

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A Beginner's Guide to Georgian Wine

An ancient Georgian traditional winemaking method has made many wine enthusiasts curious to learn more about the hidden treasures of Georgian wine.   If you are an aspiring Georgian wine lover, here are some of the key elements to help you guide through the galaxy of Georgian wines. 

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