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Ajapsandali - Georgian Vegetarian Stew

Ajapsandali (a-ZHAP-sahn-DOLL-ee) აჯაფსანდალი  - This colorful vegetable stew resembles ratatouille but combines root and summer vegetables (and has no courgettes/zucchini). The vegetables cook together: cut them into good-size chunks, so they retain their flavours and bite. What makes it, so Georgian is the number of fresh herbs that bring it to life. 

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Ancient history of Georgian wine

Known as the "cradle of wine," Georgia has been producing organic Qvevri wines almost since the birth of civilization. To understand just how ancient the winemaking tradition in Georgia is, here are some of the most important events that took place between the timeline of the 6th millennium B.C.  und the 4th Century, A.D.

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