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რთველი (Rtveli) - a grape harvest in Georgia

For many years, რთველი (Rtveli), a Georgian grape harvest holiday, brought locals and tourists together to pay homage to the ancient tradition of winemaking. 

This year,  though without tourists, Georgian farmers have just finished collecting a record number of grapes, over 280,000 tons to be more precise, which does not even include grapes harvested for private use. (Something that should never be underestimated in a country where making wine at home is as familiar as melting cheese fondue in Swiss household.) 

Rtveli would usually start in early September and end around the second half of November, depending on the region, grape variety, and weather.

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"Harvest is a great responsibility, as well as a grand celebration for us.⁣ This year was a bit challenging: some of our vineyards have been damaged by hail, but we are not complaining. By putting joint hard work as a family, we hope that this year's vintage will be exquisite.

We don't rush the process: we carefully select the hand-picked grapes to ensure that only the healthy grapes are used for the qvevri winemaking.⁣ And most importantly, we stay positive as we believe that positive energy is always reflected in the wine's quality,-" Kakha Tchotiashvili. 

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Smooth sipping of new vintages ahead. 

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