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საფერავი, the most famous Georgian grape








                                          (c) Georgian Wine Association 

With approximately 530 indigenous grape varieties, you have probably heard  Saperavi the most as it is, without a doubt, the most famous Georgian red. 

Pronounced as sah-per-ra-vee it literally means “dye” in Georgian, which is reflected in the extremely dark color of Saperavi wines. 

Like most other red grape varieties, Saperavi has red skins, but what makes it unique is its clear red pulp or flesh. Hence, when the red juice of Saperavi comes in contact with the skins it becomes even darker.  




Originated in Kakheti, Georgia Saperavi grapes is one of the oldest, most dominant and important red grape variety. Nowadays it can be also found in countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, USA, and even Australia.


Whether made in international or qvevri method, Saperavi wines have good aging potential and many can improve for up to 15 years and longer.  

High in everything, especially tannins, color, and structure, notes of licorice and tar are often quite common in addition to orange peel.

If that sounds interesting to you, you’ll probably like our Saperavi selection, which includes wines made in the international method as well as the traditional qvevri method.  

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