Legend about Georgia

Georgian mountains with the background of Uetliberg, Switzerland

Have you ever wondered how the Georgians got their gorgeous country?⁣ 

God, you see, was dividing up the land to the people of the world, but the Georgians were too busy eating and drinking wine to show up on time and get their cut.⁣ ⁣

When they finally arrived (next day), God had already finished handing out the land to the people of the Earth so there was nothing left for Georgians. “I’m very sorry,” said God, “but I have already given all the lands away. Why have you arrived so late?”⁣

The Georgians, who have had a generous amount of wine and were in excellent spirits replied, “We are so sorry! We were having a feast in your honor, and got caught up in our toast to you and your generosity in giving us the land on the Earth.” “Never mind,” added the Georgians and with some heartfelt innocence invited God to continue their feast.⁣

God realized their sincerity and passion for the culture of food and wine. And so, he gave them the one place on the Earth that he had been saving for himself: Georgia.⁣

This might be a legend, but Georgians believe in their fairy tales, and they take drinking and feasting very seriously. ⁣🍷🍷 💕



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